Snapchat! What started as a small app focused on creating erasable media, has now grown to be a giant social media channel. Sure – the concept is the same – it is all about clicking pictures, interacting and letting people know about your daily life. But the platform innovated on its huge user base of teens and young adults and kept on the cutting edge of filters and more features. Snapchat marketing in India, while in initial stages, is also poised for huge growth.

Some people use it for interaction and some use it for promotional, business activities. A lot of you must have added some bloggers on your Snapchat just to know about what they are doing at that time, and the regimes they follow to look great.

According to stats, 71% of Snapchat users are said to be under the age of 34 out of which, 70% of Snapchat users are females. Snapchat does not only give you an option to send pictures and chat but also to explore various famous public profiles. In that sense, it is almost a mix of Instagram and Whatsapp, rolled into one beautiful combo.

Not a lot of people know that Snapchat is equally as good as any other social media site for promotions, only there are some ways to go with it. If you are thinking of using Snapchat for any promotional purposes then follow just these steps and get yourself enough views and audience.

1. The first thing is to create a Snapchat account and share your username with as many people as you can and on as many social networking sites as you can.

-This will give you a viewer base from the starting, and a little support from your near and dear ones will only boost your confidence.

– Every Snapchat account is accessed through a username or a Snapcode. you can share both to increase interaction on your Snapchat account.

2. Carrying out any promotional activity requires you to make your Snapchat account public, this will increase the views on your Snapchat story and will make it easier for you to interact with the public.

How to make your Snapchat account public?

– Go to the settings ( it will appear on the top right corner on your account ) and click.
–  A page with various options will appear.
– Scroll down and you will see an option “who can” with a list below that which includes these sub-options ( view my story, contact me, see my location).

-Choose everyone for all the three options.

Now your account is public and anybody can view your story and contact you.

3.Time to upload frequent snapchat stories-

-When you make a new account and your aim is to reach maximum Snapchat users, you have to be very frequent in posting Snapchat stories.
-Once your account is public and you have posted enough number of stories, your account will appear on the explore option(appears on the bottom right ), which will make it easier for you to generate views on your story.

-Promote as much as you can on your story and generate views.

4. You can add links to the story of your website, blog.

How to add a link to your Snapchat story?

-Click a snap or add a snap on your story, and click on the “paper clip” icon that appears on the right.

-Enter or copy the website URL and add click on “attach to snap”.


-The link will be then attached to your snap.

These are some tips for promotions on snapchat-

-Give previews of any upcoming activity.
-Use some coupons, sneak peek, offers etc to attract more snapchat users.
-Be authentic and real.
-Promote different events related to your content.
-Give an exclusive demo of your product.
-Make it about your followers, offer them value.

A lot of big brands use Snapchat for promotional activities and are actually making it big!

Some of the big brands using Snapchat marketing in India include-

1.H&M– This Swedish clothing line for men, women, and children with over 4500 stores worldwide also believes in Snapchat for promotional activities. They have a public US-based account and also gets featured in snapchat stories of various magazines like lately it got featured in  The Wall Street Journal.


2. Forever 21-It is an American fast fashion brand with over 600 outlets in America, Asia, The Middle East and The UK. Forever 21 keeps its customers happy with exciting offers and creativity. They have a public US-based Snapchat account and also lately they got featured on “Mitu”.

3. Domino’s– This has a public Indian account and promotes different pizzas on its snapchat story every day. dominoes is an American restaurant chain. In February 2018, it became the largest selling pizza chain in terms of sales.

4. Ambience mall, Gurgaon– It is a paradise for shopaholics and foodholics. Ambience Mall also uses Snapchat for promotions, it gives a sneak peek of the customers enjoying food, shopping or taking part in events.


5.Pind Balluchi – It is a bar restaurant famous for its Indian food. Pind Balluchi puts up Snapchat stories of people enjoying food, drinking and having a good time.

Snapchat promotions are indeed very helpful, not only people can connect but also become a part of anybody’s lives virtually!

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