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Stripe launches relay to make mobile payments easier

Stripe has launched a new API Method called Relay that will make selling and buying easier for both merchants and consumers.

Even with the enormous time that consumers spend on social networks, it has been hard for businesses to turn that attention into buying process. This has been due to the difficulty of integrating the existing payment solutions into the social network interface. Stripe has for quite some time been the face of innovation in the payment industry and Stripe relay is just another one of its innovations that will make the online commerce easier for everyone.

one of the problems that stripe is aiming to solve is that while traffic has moved steadily towards mobile it is still increasingly difficult to execute an efficient payment flow via the mobile websites. Only the native apps who have integrated payment solutions can actually provide an easy way for customers to pay.

With Relay, stores will get an API to publish their products and various apps can read that API. The first and most intuitive experience of stripe Relay will be with their launch partner Twitter which will allow businesses to make their products available for purchase via a simple tweet.

twitter stripe relay

Stripe is currently valued at over 5 billion and continues to expand into more and more countries. For consumers/ businesses residing in countries where stripe is available, it has become the default first choice. The documentation the support system and the well crafted APIs have made stripe a great option to explore.

On a side note, for all aspiring web designers, just take a look at how well crafted the Stripe website and its various launch pages are.

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