Growth hacking in India – what is it that you need to know

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[The first half of this article is an extract from our book Growth Hack Your Way to Startup Success (link)] Growth has always been the end game for all companies – young & old, multinationals & startups, single-person SAAS startups and multi-thousand strong behemoths. More often than not the responsibility of this growth was with […]

Three critical mistakes to avoid while making your first social media marketing strategy

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While a social media marketing strategy is included in the marketing bucket of almost any company these days, off-line or online, there are still some common mistakes that are repeated time and again even by experienced professionals. Here are three critical mistakes to avoid while making your first social media marketing strategy. Mistake 1: Not knowing […]

Top Accelerators and Incubators in India

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In India, Dreams and visions of First time entrepreneurs are succoured by start up Incubators. Multiple efforts are being taken in this direction including Private business incubators started by industry veterans, accelerators supported by companies and VC fund and Govt supported Institute based technology incubators. How do Incubators differ from accelerators? Often Incubators and Accelerators […]