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The new MacBook 2015 Price in India & Specs

Apple has come up with its new MacBook this year, that’s released on 10th April 2015. The predecessor of MacBook 2015 was named 2010 MacBook that had a white polycarbonate casing but was officially discontinued in 2011. Some earlier versions of MacBook were also released in black.  The new Apple’s MacBook 2015 is much different from its predecessors due to its all-aluminum body, design, USB-C port connectivity and Retina display. MacBook 2015 leaves the MacBook Air a step behind as the new version is thinner as well as lighter than the existing MacBook Air.




Keyboard Redesign

Apple has designed a keyboard that is dramatically thinner than the MacBook Air. It uses a butterfly mechanism that’s not only 40% thinner than a typical scissor mechanism but is also much stable. Scissor mechanism is just focused on the center but the Butterfly mechanism responds to the key no matter where your finger strikes on the key. To keep the keyboard thin, Apple has also excluded the LEDs underneath the keys.



Instead of a fan, in Mac 2015, there is an anisotrophic graphite sheet to disperse the heat. MacBook 2015 has two versions:

  • 1.1GHz Core M processor (2.4 Giga Hz Turbo)
  • 1.2GHz Core M processor (2.6 Giga Hz Turbo)

A 1.3 Giga Hz custom option (2.9 Giga Hz) is also provided. Both models feature Intel 5300 HD graphics.

Force Touch Trackpad

The touch pad included the force-based sensor that monitors how much force is being applied on the touchpad and responds in accordance to different force-based gestures.


The MacBook 2015 features 1600 Mega Hz, LPDDR3 RAM and it is limited to 8 Giga Bytes and it lacks the up gradation option. It included 256 or 512 Giga Bytes of PCIe-based flash storage.


MacBook 2015 possesses a 12-inch Retina display that is just 0.88 mm thick and is the thinnest retina display ever included in MacBook, created by the edge-to-edge glass manufacturing technique. It has a high definition resolution of 2304 x 1440 having 226 pixels-per-inch and a 178 degree viewing angle. Apple says that it has included the redesigned pixels that allow more light to pass through. Apple has used LEDs for backlighting that is 30% more efficient, but provided the same level of brightness.


Battery Life and Connectivity

Apple claims a full-day battery life for a 39.7 W hr. lithium-polymer battery, that provide almost 9 hours of web surfing.  Like its previous versions, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, Mac 2015 also includes 802.11 ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0 module.

Models and Prices

Though not yet available in India, the new MacBook 2015 will start retailing from INR 99,900.

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