Tools and Resources

There are an unbelievable number of tools available in the market that aim to ease the tasks of an entrepreneur. From essentials to value additions, apps are available for everything. It is obviously not possible (nor advisable) for you to test each tool. This page is a list of resources that I have personally tried and found valuable. 

Domain Name Registration

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While GoDaddy is often criticised in online forums, it remains one of the easiest to get started on. Their domain name availability search is fast and intuitive and getting a name registered is cheap and painless. In most cases, you can find a discount coupon online to lower the prices further. This link will take you to a 30% discount offer. 

Website Hosting


If you have just started with a website, there is almost no better value for money than the Hostgator Baby Plan that comes with unlimited domains. I have been using the Baby Plan for years now and if I want to test any new idea, I get no extra cost in starting up a website (of course after buying a domain name). Hostgator shared hosting is not for very large scale websites and once you start getting high traffic you might want to move out, but for starting out - they are second to none. 

Flywheel WordPress


Hostgator Baby Plan above is great for starting out, but if your website reaches some scale you would want to upgrade to a better plan at Hostgator or somewhere else. If you are using WordPress as your platform (almost 25% of the world is) then there are some specialised WordPress hosting services. I use Flywheel and have been with them for quite some time. They are a tremendous value for money and come with two most important things for your website - security and backups. They will even do a free migration of your wordpress website. Check them out here

Website Building

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes

I am a huge fan of WordPress for starting out. It is tremendously easy to build a professional looking website fast. In case you are not familiar, WordPress ecosystem is built on themes and plugins that lend the look and functionality respectively. Once you have WordPress installed, changing the look of a website is as simple as clicking a button. I have tried almost 5 different themes on this blog and the current one is from Thrive Themes. They specialise in building themes that focus on conversion and lend a simplicity to the message that you are trying to convey.



Before moving to Thrive Themes above, all my theme search was done at Themeforest. The collection of WordPress (and others like Magento, HTML) themes is the largest out there. You can search for the type of website you need from education to e-commerce and can literally find hundreds of professional website themes for around 50$. If you are new to this, make sure that you carefully read the reviews and comments on any item that you wish to purchase. 



There are plenty of e-commerce platforms out there and we did a complete rundown here. For ease of setting up and overall reliability, Shopify is awesome. I am part of an e-commerce startup where I am the sole person looking at both technical infrastructure and digital marketing. I have been with Shopify for a few months now and as we are reaching a turnover of around half a million dollars, I can surely say that it would not have been possible without Shopify. I rarely, if ever, need to sort out bugs or issues.