Free SEO Tools For Startups

Top 10 Free SEO Tools For Startups

In this world full of competition and where people are very busy with their own work, everyone wants the best for their company in a short period of time. It requires a lot of hard work to establish a business of your own. Once it is established, the work isn’t finished, it actually begins. No one has to put all its efforts to keep their company and business in a good position in the market. In the enthusiasm of starting a new business, people mostly tend to forget the practical world and thus they end up creating losses in their business letting them shut it down or taking huge loans from the market which they may fail to return on time. They get caught into all this mess-making their life terrible instead of improving it.

Every year many start-ups are opened by many people and newcomers and they try their best to make a place in the market. Whether a company is a big company or a small one, whether it is a decade old company or just a start-up, all these questions are very important and finding answers to all these questions is more important. Only this way, a company can survive in this tough competitive world where everyone wants to go ahead of others. This is considered as market research which should be at the top of the to-do list for every businessman.

For a good and proper functioning of a start-up, they require proper websites for their companies. Websites serve as the heart or the center of successful digital marketing in many ways. But they require proper high ranking so that their company comes at a good position and these SEO tools optimize or restructure the websites by using various techniques. Some of the free SEO tools for the start-ups are:-


Free SEO Tools For Startups

It was launched in 2013 and it offers many features for the users. It provides tracking of the organic keyboard, spying on competitor’s keyboards, backlink analysis, etc. It is a very reliable SEO tool available at a very low cost which helps you to know your competitor’s strategies.


Free SEO Tools For Startups

There are no other tools in the market that can be so good in backlink analysis. It helps to solve one of the most challenging parts of the SEO tool i.e. link building. It even tells you the position of your company on Google and thus you can keep track of it. It gives all the links of the profile of your and your competitor’s website very accurately. It has also upgraded its keyboard research tool to Keyboard explorer 2.0.


Free SEO Tools For Startups

This works as both SEO tool as well as PPL tool. It is the best among all the SEO tools that are available in the market. You can do many things with the help of this like you can track your rankings on Google, backlink analysis, PPL analysis, unlock new keyboard opportunities. You can also keep a track on your competitor’s strategies.

Ninja Outreach

It has very good research functionality which no other Outreach has. It helps in doing lead generation, link building, promotion of your content, social media prospecting, collecting other’s information, etc. If you have a decent amount of budget to spend for SEO tool then you should have this in your start-up toolkit.


Free SEO Tools For Startups

Started in 2004 by Rand Fishkin, it helps you to know all the fluctuations in the Google ranking of your and your competitor’s website with the keyboard. It also fixes SEO errors. It is one of the most popular SEO tools which helps to keep a proper track on your competitor’s domain authority and page authority.

Screaming Frog

Thought the name is very unusual, it has an ability to ‘spider crawl’ b/w the competitor’s websites, links and domains and collect all the information of them. It will also help you to fix various errors along with spying on the competitors and you will be receiving regular reports of that.


Free SEO Tools For Startups

It is another popular and easier to use SEO tool which helps you to collect and gather all the necessary insightful data about you and your competitor’s websites. It helps to target all the required and branding cues, gives a report on traffic sources, etc. It provides all the information in the graphs which is very easy to read for everyone.

Schema Creator

Free SEO Tools For Startups

It helps the users to gather particular details about a particular company or organization on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). You can also integrate the scheme code, we can access WordPress and it gives a trial period for 14 days. It gives proper schematic data and adds those data to the business pages. It describes the whole class of documents. For using this, you just have to copy the code in the HEAD part.

XML Sitemaps Generator

Free SEO Tools For Startups

It provides lots of information about the pages, videos and other files on your site. It also helps to segregate those files which are important for the user from all the files available and improves the crawl ability of a website. It gives an option to create a website in both XML as well as HTML formats. For using this, you just need to enter the URL. With the free version of this, you can make 500 pages.

Mobile-Friendly Test

Free SEO Tools For Startups

Since nowadays mobiles are the most used device, so every website should be so well designed that it works well with those devices as well. This helps us to optimize the website in a way that it is perfectly apt for the mobiles. It helps to automatically adapt to mobile devices and also provides a list of suggestions that will help you to make it better. For using this, just enter the URL and click on the “run test” button. This checks that this is mobile-friendly or not and have different font sizes with sizing content.

If you need any help with any of the above tools, check out our Search Engine Optimization Page.

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