Everyday the number of startups are increasing in India, they are indeed on a rise!  You can call it a machine-to-machine communication.Internet of things (IoT) is basically connecting various objects with electronics, software and network connectivity enabling these objects to process and exchange data.

Here are some of the top IoT startups in India-


It is a Mumbai based IoT startup offering car diagnostic solutions, car security by deploying GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope and Bluetooth. It also offers CarSense plugs to know that everything is working in the electronic system of a car. You can also buy  their products on Amazon & Techatron .


It creates reliable cold chains through solutions that use IoT , advanced analytics,automation and control. Here are the services TagBox solution offers-

  • Pharma & biotech- Reduce temperature.
  • food & dairy- Prevent perishable product spoilage.
  • E-commerce- Deliver order at the right temperature.
  • High value and fragile foods- Real time visibility into products damage , theft and reduce logistics efficiency.


As the name suggests, it focuses on transportation industry and on connecting people, vehicles and trips. It also improves productivity of a vehicle . TempoGo is designed for any company that owns a fleet of over 20 vehicles.

Various services provided by TempoGo includes-

  • Tracking the vehicle, the location and time of the vehicle.
  • Maintenance of the vehicle
  • Speed and fuel of the vehicle.
  • Pre-decided routes and schedules.

4.Ecolibrium Energy

It is an Ahmedabad -based startup which focuses on operational efficiency of commercial and industrial consumers by optimizing energy usage, it provides targeted energy analytics to clients and help power distribution companies to meet their goals  . It is associated with some big clients like Coca-Cola, Delhi Metro,Rail Corp, Intas Pharma and fiat. It aims at providing energy intelligence to it’s clients.


Cooey’s IoT platform help in collecting, analyzing and sharing your medical summary with the doctors and also provides useful tips for the patients based on their medical profile. It also provides medicines,lab tests, home care services delivered at your doorstep. it has introduced 4 devices for health care-

  • Smart body fat analyzer.
  • Smart bluetooth blood pressure monitoring.
  • Alexa smart health.
  • Smart glucometer.

6.Altiux Innovations-

It is a Bangalore based startup that focuses on providing technology services and designs to help its clients develop and deploy IoT products , applications and solutions . It’s services include- embedding product ideas into hardware design, machine data analytics, cloud application development, mobility application development, user interface design, product ideas, gateways, edge nodes, analytics platform etc.

7. Altizon Systems

It is a rare entity that focuses on making IoT solutions and applications for enterprises. Altizon Systems use Datonis for building any IoT product for any enterprise. It’s services include-OPC, big data analytics, certified hardware, web and mobile apps, device connectivity kit, big data analytics

8. Covacsis

It is a Mumbai based start up that focuses in innovation, offering solutions and making IoT products for manufacturing plants so that they can work efficiently and smartly. Services that Convacsis provide include big data analytics,digital floor manager, digital plant manager, digital engineering team,plant automation,connecting disparate machines,plant floor insights etc.


This is one of the best startups to look out for, it focuses on increasing optimization and efficiency at work sites by capturing the location,movement,slip,trip,fall data and tracking people ,machines etc. Once the data is collected ,it is analysed for better productivity. IoTrek uses machine learning algorithms to make the job site safe and productive.

10 .Faclon Labs

This is the best Mumbai-based water reading IoT startup in India.It detects leaks, water supply, water pressure and water consumption through data mining technologies and predictive analytics. It also helps in saving on plumbing expenses and maintenance.

These IoT startups are providing the best services and are indeed making it big!

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