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What goes into a great landing page design? A lot – make it too simple and people think not enough effort put in, make it too complex and consumers get confused. Your copywriting must be on point, the graphical elements should be perfect and everything else well matched to leave an impression. More importantly, it should not only look good but also function well across all browsers and devices. You have to be trendy enough to look updated and yet stable enough to not be part of a design fad. Keeping all these in mind, here are top 10 landing page designs that cover pretty much every criteria.

1. Stripe



Stripe is not only one of the most customer friendly startups, they also have some of the best designers out there. The design for every product landing page is clear and to the point. Look at the above example. The copywriting tells exactly what Stripe Checkout does and the image shows an example of what the payment flow looks like. As you scroll below, the page answers questions for all customer segments – technical and non-technical. And, the page works perfectly across all mediums. The call to action is asking for users to seek more info – and that is what the product needs, Stripe Checkout is not an impulse buy product.

2. Dropbox




While Dropbox is a known name now and thus has the advantage that most visitors are somewhat familiar with what they do – they always had a great landing page example. They have followed a clean aesthetic style and keep their most important value proposition up front “Dropbox keeps your file safe, synced, and easy to share”. For them, the user action they want is for everyone to create an account – and that “call to action” is attention grabbing.

3. Nest


Even before Google acquired them, Nest was already well known for their excellent product design. Nest is a home automation company and their products need to not only look good individually but also fit well in home surroundings. And this is exactly what the landing page conveys – the product is beautiful on its own and is also shown side by side a typical room. Notice also the two call to actions – Nest wants people to buy its product obviously (The Buy Now button is more prominent) but at the same level there is a button to watch more. Also pay attention to the what the words are – the product is beautiful but for consumers who want to know why they should use it, Nest thermostat is also money saving.

4. Fire Watch



If there was an award for the most overused, unwanted design fad of 2014 – it would be the parallax effect. Almost every website wanted to use it, almost everywhere it was broken in at least some browsers. The Firewatch game is an exception. The parallax effect fits very well in conveying a fantasy environment. The landing page is for a game and that is exactly what you feel as you scroll down. It looks beautiful and functions well across all mediums.

5. Square Register



Square Register is a Point of Sale, it works across Apple and Android and you can see what it looks like. This landing page covers all bases pretty well. As you scroll down, you see all the features with relevant images along side. Design wise this page offers nothing new, but the simplicity is necessary in this case since a Point of Sales already has a complex amount of features, and you would not want to complicate further.

6. AirBnB


Similar to Dropbox, AirBnB has the familiarity advantage on its side. People know what to expect and the landing page design makes sure to aid that familiarity. It shows it is present in 190 countries, the rooms are from local hosts and then the design leads to the booking form. That is all there that is needed. As you scroll down, you see the second most important USP of AirBnB – its community. That is what separates this company from hotels and others. You see the shining examples of its members. Simple design that uses effective and memorable colours.

7. Hipchat



Hipchat is a chat service that allows file sharing and integrates well across other systems. It is also free to start. Yes, I copied it all from the landing page itself. This is phenomenal copywriting – the customer is attracted and will scroll down. He will see how it looks on the front end, how it looks on mobile and other features. This is another one of those examples where simplicity carries the point across.

8. Intercom



Intercom is a technical product that allows businesses to communicate with people who visit their website. The product is not necessarily understood by first time visitors and hence they write in plain English what is it that they do. Still, it leaves some doubt – so is it like Live chat or email? A bit further down they show that it is all in one and it starts becoming clearer. Notice that they do not have a “Buy Now” Call to action. They know that they will have to lead the customer through the funnel and just want your email at first. Again, distinctive colour makes for good memory recall the next time the visitor returns.

9. Heroku


Heroku is again a technical product but is familiar among its target customer segment. Still, the landing page takes into account all the important parts of a good landing page – a distinctive colour choice (infact so distinctive that this colour is now immediately reminiscent of Heroku), a prominent CTA (that also emphasizes that it is free to sign up) and then gradually it explains what it can do. It is built for developers and allows them to just build apps while not worrying about the infrastructure.

10. Magic


This one might seem like an odd choice, but it is an important example to showcase. This is a startup that does not have the bandwidth to advertise heavily across multiple channels. They cannot afford to let any visitor drop off due to not understanding the product. The choice they make of removing every design element apart from Typography is a risky one, but it pays off here. One glance and you know what it is they do – and since what they do is so unique you are immediately obliged to follow into their call to action.

This is just a small round-up of some interesting and functional landing pages across the web. If you have any that you think could fit here, do leave the example in the comments.


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