Top 5 Food Bloggers in India

No matter how good looking your partner is, food will always be your first love and your first priority! Agreed!?

Delicious food always has a positive impact on a person’s mood. Go through these very interesting blogs written by some of the very famous food bloggers from India. These food bloggers have an entire list of all the good restaurants, cuisines and also recipes.

It is so fascinating to silently from a distance see all that is being cooked and admire the entire process. So a little research was done and here is a compilation of 8 food bloggers in India, 2019.

Swati Sucharita

Swati Sucharita is an all rounded personality who was previously a print journalist for three entire decades of her life and currently runs her own content consultancy along with being a full-time blogger.

“Eatopian Chronicals” is a blog under her name. She has written about a wide repertoire of cuisines restaurants and chefs. Very recently she wrote about and appreciated bohri food that she tried for the first time and also felt that it was one of the very underrated cuisines. This is the uniqueness of the cultural diversity of our India cuisines, we are always left with so much more to explore.

Archana Doshi

Archana’s Kitchen is a leading food discovery and recipe website, founded by Archana Doshi. This website gives unique DIY solutions for everyday cooking. Archana, who is a software engineer by profession turned a full fledged food blogger because we all know how tough it is to keep a foodie from experimenting with food.

Her blog has rich content enhanced with videos, menu plans, different lunch box ideas, special diets and dinner ideas that are read by millions of visitors everyday. Her team is constantly looking to innovate new recipes and by using healthier cooking techniques, retaining our Indian culture and heritage.

Karthik Gandhi

A hard core biryani lover, Karthik Gandhi writes his own blogs called Gastro Hoggers. He is a true Hyderabadi who cannot ignore Dum biryani. According to him every true Hyderabadi is going to be aware of the significant difference between a biryani and a wannabe biryani pulao. It makes his blood boil when he hear someone say “veg biryani” because there is a huge difference between biryani and pulao.

Adarsh Munjal

A food writer, critic and an entrepreneur whose life revolves around food. He pursued Food production for post graduation from Abu Dhabi which didn’t work out, but this foodie didn’t give up on his passion for food and turned a food blogger instead. He has his blog called “The Big Bhookad” that he kick-started in 2009.

Although he is an established food blogger, he cooks himself breakfast everyday without fail. That’s also because he isn’t responsible for the the two of his meals. He cooks drool-worthy cheese omelettes, masala chai and creamy cold coffee.

Priyanjana and Rudra

A foodie couple who were very fond of experimenting with food and trying new restaurants, were very popular in their friends circle as they knew where one could eat. They are the founders of the blog “The Foodie Land Blog”. They love food and are passionate and want to try all the local cuisine and the latest food trends. They both have very different food preferences, Priyanjana likes vegetarian and seafood and Rudra is fond of meaty foods, which covers a huge variety.

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