In India, Dreams and visions of First time entrepreneurs are succoured by start up Incubators. Multiple efforts are being taken in this direction including Private business incubators started by industry veterans, accelerators supported by companies and VC fund and Govt supported Institute based technology incubators.

How do Incubators differ from accelerators?

Often Incubators and Accelerators are terms used interchangeably . As the name suggests Accelerators increase the speed of your business which in most scenarios is existing business or an idea. They give shape to your idea and build it.  On the other hand Incubators nurture your early pre-product idea, facilitate in prototype creation and further make a product out of it. Here, engagement is longer than an accelerator. There are more technicalities to above, but this fundamental definition will help you get started. Ofcourse, in the past few years the line between accelerators and incubators (and even traditional VCs) is getting blurred – with there being a readiness to invest money as long as the idea & team is sound irrespective of the stage of the startup!

So which are the top accelerators and incubators in India? While this list is likely to keep changing, we have covered the leading such entities in India along with their investment industries, leadership team and recent investments. Read on to know more!

TLabs Accelerator

Founded in 2011, TLabs, simply put is a startup accelerator as well as an early stage seed-fund for Indian internet and mobile technology startups.

Industries:  Internet & Mobile Startups

Famous Startups :  vidooly, News in Shorts

Key People: Aakrit Vaish, Abhishek Sharma

GSF Accelerator

GSF Global Accelerator is a 13 week program to foster innovation in the fast growing digital economy of India. It aims to provide select start-ups with unparalleled access to venture and business networks, personalized & intensive mentoring, and initial capital. GSF Accelerator is designed to help product-oriented start-ups.

Industries:  Internet & Mobile notable

Famous Startups: AirStream, Cuztomise, DailyRounds

Key People : Rajesh Sawhney,

Freemont Partners

Freemont Partners is a builder of businesses. They use strong global operational expertise to identify, incubate and scale businesses through a hybrid approach of organic growth and M&A.

Industries – Mobile, Internet & Cloud

Famous Startups – NaturalMantra

Key People: Vivek Mohan


Catalyzer is a Startup Accelerator & Commune based in India. They work with prospective entrepreneurs through a mentorship driven startup accelerator program based on systems theory to facilitate accelerated learning through appropriate research methodology and data analysis.

IndustriesTechnology, Brick & Mortar, Social Enterprises and Non Profits.

Famous StartupsPaneerWala, Activ

Key People – Sunil Mayreddy, Venkat Changavalli

Health Start

HealthStart is India’s first accelerator program dedicated to supporting startups in healthcare industry through funding, mentorship and other requisite support.


Famous StartupsNot yet( In the making 🙂 )

Key People – Pradeep K Jaisingh, Raj Airey, Suhail Chander


Kyron has introduced a new concept of pre-accelerator, which will admit about 20-25 startups. Such startups will be put through a six-month incubation period after which Kyron handpick the companies for its accelerator batches.

Industries – Web and Apps

Famous Startups Scandid

Key People Vikram Ahuja

Microsoft Accelerator

Focused towards promising early-stage startups or first-time entrepreneurs, Microsoft Accelerator runs program of 4 months, starting in January and July every year. , selected startups get strong mentoring, technical guidance and connections to other startups.

Industries Cloud, Internet and Mobile using Microsoft technologies

Famous StartupsExplara, frrole

Key People–Mukund Mohan & Rajinish Menon


Startup Village is a technology business incubator in Kochi and it is India’s first incubator that is funded jointly by the public and private sector.

Industries: Tech

Famous Startups: profoundis, catentertainments

Key People: Kris Gopalakrishnan, Kiran Karnik

The Startup Centre

The helps the startups with Business Model Brainstorming, Growth Hacking Strategies, Setting up the Advisory Board and Market Validation, a small amount of Funding and an awesome set of Mentors.

Industries – Tech

Famous Startups – Eventifier

Key People–Vijay Anand


First Canadian-led accelerator in India,  a joint venture between the Bombay Stock Exchange Institute Ltd., (BIL), Ryerson University of Toronto, Canada, Ryerson Futures Inc. (RFI), and Simon Fraser University.  It provides State of the art infrastructure for 4-6 months and access to mentors – functional experts, business advisors & industry guru’s.

Industries Mobile, internet and digital media startups across verticals like consumer, enterprise and social

Famous Startups – Sismatik, Nimble

Key People – Ajay Ramasubramaniam

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  1. There are so many Accelerators and Incubators in India though some are best of them. iCreate is one of the best business and technology incubator centre in India, it is also known entrepreneur mentoring and grooming programs.

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