Now you must be wondering what actually is a blockchain startup? A blockchain startup is a startup that establishes it’s digital ownership of arts and other creative works using Bitcoin blockchains. It is no longer a stranger to startups today in India. Many startups have today entered the category of blockchain startups. so here are some top Blockchain Startups in India 2018 doing extremely well in India-

1. KrypC Technologies- 

This blockchain startup focuses on providing a B2B platform for easy adoption and usage of blockchain in different sectors. It has  offices in Bengaluru, Netherlands & USA. The product they offer is KrypCore, this helps enterprises in creating a custom built- blockchain according to their needs.


It is a Bangalore based startup which clearly stands with the motto ‘ Simple, Secure and Legal”. it focuses on making regulatory processes for banks, NBFCs etc simple and secure. This blockchain launched its new application programming interfaces (APIs) that help customers in sorting their identity verification and contract management processes.

3. Primechain Technologies-

It is a Pune-based blockchain startup which focuses on blockchain – based solutions for the banking system of India, and not only India they are also developing blockchain based customized projects for Canada and Singapore based companies. This blockchain also covers capital markets, healthcare, governance and pharmaceuticals.

4. EzyRemit-

It is a Bangalore based blockchain startup started in 2015 by Vishal Kanvaty and Abhijit Jaswal that focuses on providing blockchain solutions for the remittance market. The products that they offer include EzyRemit, EzyHedge, EzyRemit B2B.

5. Coinsecure-

It is a Delhi-based blockchain startup that focuses on connecting India to Bitcoin, it is also known as India’s Bitcoin Exchange. It aims at providing all blockchain related needs, it’s like a stop shop for all bitcoins  needs.

6. Sofocle Technologies-

It is a Delhi NCR based blockchain startup and basically focuses on creating innovative products using blockchains and smart contracts. It also provides financial industries with blockchain powered enterprise solutions.

7. StaTwig-

It is a Hyderabad based blockchain startup, it is building a supply chain with the help of technologies like IOT, blockchain and predictive analysis. It is an eco-friendly startup which focuses on solving the problem of global wastage due to inefficiencies in the supply chain.

8. Auxesis-

It is a Mumbai based blockchain startup founded in 2015 by Kumar Gaurav.  Auxesis focuses on creating enterprise-grade- blockchain solutions. Some of the products created by this blockchain startup include AuxLedger, Token Bazaar, AuxCE, AuxPay, Darwinsurance.

9. RecordsKeeper-

This blockchain startup is Gurugram based and founded in 2016. This startup has one aim that is to replace storage technologies like DropBox or Google Drive. This startup offers a blockchain based document storage for business and individuals. RecordsKeeper allows a user to store documents or data securely in private-blockchains without the interference of central authority.

10. Somish-

This blockchain startup was founded in 2006 and provides blockchain based solutions for applications like aviation maintenance, distribution log, P2P insurance etc. They recently established a blockhain centre of excellence in 2016. Somish also won the prestigious London Blockchain Week 2017 Hackathon.

There is a huge list of blockchain startups and these are the ones who are indeed creating history.

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