We were introduced to social media because of Facebook, it has been around since 2004 and almost every generation is a part of Facebook today. We know that elderly people are not that fond of any other social media site but Facebook. Today there are millions and billions of Facebook users but do you know who is actually ruling the popular social media site?

Here is the list of top 10 Facebook celebrity profiles:

1.Narendra Modi-

To top this list is very difficult with so many Facebook users but who else could do it other than this iconic personality, it is none other than our respected Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi with over 43 million followers on Facebook at present. He uses this platform to reach public and aware them of any national activity happening under his guidance or to inform or update about news of national and public interest.

2. Virat Kohli-

You will see this man everywhere, most successful cricketer, record holder, etc. So how can you expect him to miss out here ! The captain of Indian cricket team comes second on this list with 37 million followers. Virat kohli keeps the public entertained with his professional and public life updates on his Facebook profile. He also always uses Facebook to thank public for supporting him after every big match.

   3.Priyanka Chopra-

Not only national but this celebrity has a huge international following as well.  After achieving every milestone in Bollywood , this Indian beauty is today making it huge in Hollywood  and has over 36.5 million followers on Facebook . Priyanka uses her Facebook to update people with personal and professional life and also sometimes for promotions of any brand she is the brand ambassador for like Pantene.

4. Salman Khan-

And here comes the Bhaijaan of Bollywood! Salman khan is not too far on this list and has 36 million followers on Facebook today. Salman Khan is known for his golden heart and this can also be seen on his Facebook profile , he makes sure to promote  his charity Being Human as much as he can and professionally he posts about any event or film he is a part of. You will not see a lot of Salman’s personal life on his Facebook.

5. Deepika Padukone-

Deepika is no stranger to fame nationally and internationally , she has made it big in both Hollywood and Bollywood with blockbuster movies and has over 34 million followers on Facebook today. Deepika’s Facebook profile is actually a sneak peek of her professional and personal life. You will also see some promotions for the brand she is the brand ambassador for like LUX , Tanishq etc.

6. Honey Singh-

We all have grooved to his music, from his first song to the latest one we just love dancing to his every beat. He has really made it huge in Bollywood and now since he is back after a break, he continues to entertain people with his music. Honey Singh today has a fan following of 30 million , his facebook profile  is more personal than professional.

7. Amitabh Bachchan-

The Big B of Bollywood is also a part of this list , his Facebook profile today has 30 million followers . His Facebook profile is  personal and professional but the best part about his Facebook profile is that he uses this platform to aware people about any patriotic moment  like congratulating every athlete or player on their accomplishment.

8. Sachin Tendulkar-

Every single person in India is a fan of Tendulkar, every generation has seen him playing on the field for India. he is also known as” The Father of Cricket”. His Facebook profile today has over 28 million followers . Sachin Tendulkar’s facebook profile showcases his personal as well as his professional life.

9. Shreya Ghoshal-

Not only soft she can rock any genre of music ,we all are fans of her sweet voice.This sensational singer has over 28.3 million followers on Facebook at present. Shreya makes use of this platform very frequently and her account is more personal than professional .

10. Kapil Sharma-

This small town boy has indeed made it big in Bollywood and is today known as The King of Comedy . Started with TV and today even seen on the big screen , this star has over 26.1 million followers on Facebook at present . This celebrity profile is extremely professional and less personal, Kapil Sharma uses this platform to reach out to his audience and aware them about the upcoming shows and events.

The list of celebrities using Facebook to interact with public is never ending but here are some top listed profiles which are not only very active but also very entertaining.

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