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Top coding bootcamps in India

What is a coding bootcamp?

Coding bootcamp is a course provided by private companies or institutions to teach students computer programming and help them find jobs in technology related companies and sectors.

Here is a list of best coding bootcamps in India-

1.Byte Academy-

This coding bootcamp is located in Bangalore and NYC and you can also learn with them online, they teach with an aim to provide you with a job within one year.  The focus of this coding bootcamp is to teach as many as industry related programs including data science and bl0ckchain. If you join them , you will become a  part of many interesting guest lectures , workshops and and networking hours on and off campus.


It is a Bangalore based coding bootcamp with an aim to make  collaborative communities of entrepreneurs and creatives who are capable of solving  big problem. It offers a one year residential technology course for technology lovers. services provided by them include-

  • An innovation hub bringing together startups and enterprises.
  • A community of entrepreneurs and freelancers sharing skills and helping each other in building new ventures.
  • Bootcamps and workshops on becoming technology professionals.

3. The hacking School-

It is a 12-week coding bootcamp in Hyderabad , their aim is to bring in India the hacker culture and upgrade Indian software and training. They will provide you full web development knowledge like MongoDb, Express Js, Angular Js, React Native, Node Js etc. The hacking school doesn’t focus on fancy stuff but only hardcore coding.

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4. ICanCode-

This coding bootcamp is located in hyderabad and offers programs in Front End  Development, back End Development (each 12 weeks) and Full Stack Development (24 weeks). Students in ICanCode are expected to work together with their mentors and take up challenges and build products. This coding bootcamp also includes culture, emotional intelligence and soft skills.

5.GreyAtom School of Data Scienece-

This coding bootcamp is located in Mumbai which offers a part time, 24 week, full time, 14 week data science engineering course. Students will be working on real-world industry data sets and completing 4 projects under the guidance of industry experienced instructors. GreyAtom also offers valuable tools and coaching to the students before and after the course.

6. Coding Blocks-

This is an online coding bootcamp located in Delhi, it provides classroom courses with 24/7 mentor support. It offers various programs like C++ for beginners , Algo++,Java for beginners, Algo.java, python for beginners etc. Coding Blocks also offers interview preparation for  students to crack  interviews.

7.Ace Hacker-

It is a Bangalore based coding bootcamp  and offers a 15 week intense program that uses JavaScript as a medium of expression but you can learn any other language yourself like Scheme , Python, Objective-C, CoffeeScript, Swift etc. They don’t emphasise on any particular  language  but on  how to do the best coding no matter what the language is. This coding bootcamp also focuses on algorithms, data structure and computer program designs.

8.The Valley Bootcamp-

It is a Bangalore based coding bootcamp with a 3 months intensive coding courses , there courses include Machine learning + Python development and Full Stack Web Development . It is a discovery of some of the finest engineers from the industry. As soon as you are done learning , they will start with your placement training.

9. School of Accelerated Learning-

It is a coding bootcamp located in Hyderabad and offers a 14 week technology exponent program. This program will prepare you for software development, web development, artificial intelligence, full stack development , product engineering etc. SOAL will not only prepare you for the best but also help you acquire the best jobs in the industry.


It is an online coding bootcamp based in Bangalore which offers various courses in full stack web development, digital marketing, data science and mobile development. The motive is to teach students job ready skills in small batches of 10-15 students.

Here are the best coding bootcamps in India online and offline. If you desire to be a tech-wizard then don’t waste anymore time and become a part of these coding bootcamps and achieve your goals!

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