Instagram has taken over social media with 1 billion active users in India, every second there are 75,237 photos posted on Instagram. For any social media addict Facebook has always been the thing since it launched in 2004 ,until Instagram took control over public. It is a paradise for Selfie lovers , photographers, professional models ,etc, a lot of users use this platform for businesses and promotional activities as well.

Here is a list of top Instagram handles-

1. Rhea Kapoor (rheakapoor) –[stylist] 

Younger sister of Sonam Kapoor , is a stylist and has 1.2 million followers on Instagram . she uses her Instagram handle to promote her brand Rheson which is in partnership with her sister.

Rhea Kapoor is known for  her unique and different fashion sense.  Just like her sister , her Instagram handle is a celebrity affair but she makes sure to keep her Instagram handle inclined more towards Rheson.



2. Bombay Bhukkad (bombaybhukkad)- [food]

If you are a foodies then following this page is a must for you, Bombay Bhukkad showcases the best street food joints of  Mumbai and Pune. This Instagram handle has over 38.7k followers.

I am sure this Instagram handle will leave you drooling!


3.Nidhi Sunil (nidhisunil)-[model]

A perfect example of beauty with brains, Nidhi Sunil is a law graduate and also has been apart of the kingfisher calender.

Nidhi’s instagram handle has 54.6k followers and this dusky beauty  updates her account almost everyday with trendy , quirky and bold photoshoots and outfits.

This Instagram handle is indeed a delight for fashion enthusiasts.


4.Missstylefiesta (missstylefiesta)-[fashion,travel,lifestyle]

This Instagram handle is run by MasoomMinawala, she is a fashion,lifestyle and travel blogger, and also the founder of Fashion Jewellery And Accessories In India. Missstylefiesta has 237k followers at present.

Her Instagram handle looks just like a dream!


5. Himani wright (himaniwright)- (skincare,lifestyle)

This Instagram blogger is known for her DIY tutorials, skin care and beauty tips.This Instagram handle has proven to be very beneficial to the ladies. It has 7,562 followers.

This is just the perfect place for  all those women who believe in looking natural.

6. Urvashi Kumar (therightshadeofred)- (makeup,beauty)

Urvashi Kumar is just the name that pops up when you think about bold & beauty ,this Instagram blogger is known for her beauty & make up tutorials.

This Instagram handle at present has 30.7k followers .


7. Aashna Shroff (Thesnobjournal)-(makeup,beauty,travel,skincare,lifestyle)

This Instagram handle has won awards and is considered one of the best fashion,lifestyle accounts in India. Aashna loves travelling and is very particular with her beauty regimes.

The snob journal today 486k followers.

8. Shivya Nath (shivya)-(travel)

This Instagram handle is indeed a paradise for travelers and photographers, shivya loves travelling and sharing her experience on her blog and instagram , her travel stories has also been feautured on BBC Travel, Tedx,NDTV,Responsible Travel.

Shivya’s Instagram handle today has 55.6k followers.


9.Aakriti Rana (aakritiranaofficial)- (lifestyle,fashion,travel)

This Instagram handle is very popular, Aakriti Rana does not only blogs and endorse brands, but also is an amazing YouTuber. Almost everyday Aakriti posts 2 or 3 pictures on her Instagram handle and tries to keep her followers invested and entertained.

This Instagram handle has 511k followers at present.


10.Neha Mathur (whiskaffair)- (food and travel)

This Instagram handle showcases scrumptious food and beautiful places, this account has a very cool and relaxed vibe. just going through the pictures would make you hungry . Neha Mathur is also a lifestyle blogger but the main focus of her Instagram handle is on food and travel.

Whiskaffair at present has 28.2k followers.


11.Hina Bisht (funfoodandfrolic) – (food)

If you are a Desi foodie ,then here is the Instagram handle for you. Hina posts scrumptious Indian food on her account like Punjabi Kadhi Pakora, Dal Vada, Pahidi Style Vrat ki Panjiri etc.

Hina  other than being a food blogger is also a digital media content creator and Tedx speaker. funfoodandfrolic has 27.2 followers at present.


12.Abhinav Singhai (abhinavinsta) – (travel)

This Instagram handle has the most heavenly pictures, Abhinav is obsessed with mountains, rivers,sea – in a nut shell , nature! his Instagram handle clearly is a display of his obsession .This Instagram handle focuses on promoting tourism in  peaceful, beautiful places like Mukhteshwar, ranikhet etc.

Abhinavinsta has 4,102 followers at present.

13. Kritika Khurana (thatbohogirl) – (Fashion,lifestyle,beauty,travel)

This Instagram handle happens to be the most popular one, Kritika Khurana  is famous for her blogging, Vlogging and social media management. this account is followed by 536k  instagram users at present.

thatbohogirl posts almost everyday promoting different genres like creams, outfits, different places etc.

14.Sejal Kumar (sejal kumar1195)- (Fashion,lifestyle,beauty,travel)

Sejal kumar is a very famous YouTuber and also has been a part of Miss India 2016, she uses her Instagram handle to promote different fashion brands and different places. Sejal always adds her Vlog’s link in the caption of her posts.

This account today has 371 followers.

15.Asha Shiv (foodfashionparty)- (food)

This account is totally devoted to all the kinds of fancy food items, Asha is not only popular on instagram but is also known for her own cookbook – MASALA & MEATBALLS .

foodfashionparty at present has 93k followers.

16. Riya jain (caughtinacuff)- ( fashion,travel,lifestyle)

Riya Jain is from Mumbai  and is a fashion blogger, the main focus of this Instagram handle is to promote various beauty, skin care and fashion products like Pond’s, Nyka ,fossil etc.

caughtinacuff today has 260k followers.

17.Juhi Godambe (juhigodambe)- (fashion)

This Instagram handle with its core focus on fashion, Juhi Godambe is not only a fashion blogger but also the founder  of her own clothing line from the name @arabellaaofficial .

She works with very famous brands like lulu and sky, H&M,Aeropostale India etc.

This account has 230k followers at present.

18. Neelima Vallangi (neelimav)- (travel)

you can’t stop yourself from opening every post on this account, pictures on this account are just beautiful. Neelima is a very adventurous personality, she promotes places where there is a lot of adventure and beauty like Ladakh, Kedartal etc.

This Instagram account has 38.1k followers.


And this is not it , the list of people using their Instagram handles  for promotional and business purposes  is long ,  Instagram is indeed a big thing now , from big businesses, celebrities to startups and freshers , almost everybody today has a personal or professional Instagram account.





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