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Top podcasts for entrepreneurs that you must listen to

Podcasts are hot at the moment. The chances are that you already know what a podcast is, and you may have come across many of them as you are surfing the internet. In a nutshell, podcasts are a way to broadcast your thoughts in audio form over the internet. Simple!

Influencers use podcasts to tell their subscribers about news, interviews, and other interesting relevant facts.

For listeners, podcasts are an excellent way to learn more about any topic they desire to learn. If you haven’t been listening to any podcasts till now, today is the perfect time to start exploring some that will help you grow in business and personal life.

Why do you need to listen to podcasts? In recent years, podcasts have become an ultimate source of relevant advice. They are one of the easiest and best ways to learn something new about startups, technologies and challenges that businesses are facing. They are almost always free and easy to listen while you are doing some other stuff (exercising, driving etc). Podcasts are also growing in popularity, in fact according to a study by Edison Research, more than 39 million Americans are listening to various podcasts every month. Apple also reported that the number of subscriptions to podcasts on iTunes surpassed 1 billion mark last year. 

For aspiring entrepreneurs, podcasts are a way into the experts’ minds and you might be tempted to subscribe to everything. but of course, you do not have unlimited time to listen to all under the sun.

So, below are some of the top podcasts for entrepreneurs.

1. StartUp

StartUp episode released by the host and owner of Gimlet Media; Alex Blumberg is one of the most powerful podcast you can listen to as an entrepreneur. Alex is a fifteen year veteran of NPR’s Planet Money. The podcast contains the challenges you may encounter as an entrepreneur. Alex also tells his story of the challenges he faced when he decided to quit his 9-5 job and begin his startup that transformed into podcast channel.

Do you think you are alone in the challenges you face as an entrepreneur? — Listen to what Alex has to say about that.

2. Startup Nations Podcast With Jeff And Rich Sloan

Without a passion for something, there won’t be entrepreneurs. That is what you learn when you listen to the Startup Nation shared by Jeff and Rich Sloan – the two brothers who love to share their passion with others in hope they will leave an impact. The podcasts by these brothers usually last between fifteen to twenty-five minutes maximum and are released only twice per month. You can get authoritative information about new startups and established companies that are doing well and their strategy for success listening to this podcast by Startup Nation. Jeff and Rich podcast can be found in iTunes store or on their website

3. From Scratch with Jessica Harris

One of the best ways to grow as an entrepreneur is by listening to other successful entrepreneurs, that’s why I so much like “From Scratch” and it is one of my favorite podcast. Listening to “From Scratch” you get to listen to interviews Jessica Harris had with prominent entrepreneurs. Some of the prominent founders of successful startups interviewed by Jessica in her podcasts include Patagonia,, Burton Snowboards and North Face. Each podcast typically lasts between 18-35 minutes long. She records her podcasts twice each month. You can listen to the stories of how these founders started and the challenges they went through to make their startups a success.

4. The Struggling Entrepreneur

Almost every successful entrepreneur struggled at one point or another. It may come as an issue with finance, time, good-decision making or staff. Listening to this podcast will outline these problems and challenges that arise when starting up your business and suggest ways you can manage and efficiently tackle these challenges. Listening to this podcast, you get to hear interviews with successful entrepreneurs who have passed through these challenges and were able to tackle them. You also get to understand how they overcome these adversities and their formula for success.

5. She Did It Her Way

While there have been various efforts to bring more women founders in the world of startups, they remain a minority. If you are a female entrepreneur and looking for a women’s perspective on becoming successful as an entrepreneur then you need to listen to She Did It Her Way podcasts. Men also have something to learn from this podcast for understanding and supporting their female counterparts who are aspiring entrepreneurs. Every week, this podcast have an interview with successful female entrepreneurs.

6. Startups For The Rest of Us

Founded by Mike Taber and Rob Walling, Startups For The Rest of Us is a must-listen for designers in a tech company, developers and software-building entrepreneurs. This podcast exposed what it is like to launch your first product or to have a great idea that needs to be nurtured into something big and profitable speaking from the experience of the founders. The founders aim to help other entrepreneurs in tech products to avoid some of the mistakes they made when they were just starting out.

7. The Tim Ferris Show

This is one of the podcasts you should not ignore as an entrepreneur. Tim Ferris the host of this podcast in author of the famous book “The 4-Hour Work Week” a book that provides step by step guide to building the life you desire. His podcast is ranking among the top 15 business podcasts on iTunes. One of the amazing thing about Tim Ferris podcast is the caliber of people he has been able to interview in this podcasts, ranging from Arnold Schwarzenegger to the CEO of Dropbox and other industry leaders who have revealed their formula for success in Tim’s podcast.

8. Entrepreneurs On Fire

This podcast by John Lee Dumas has been literally growing like fire. A lot of famous entrepreneurs come on the show to talk about their failures, successes and tips. He gets people on his show 7 days a week and celebrities like Gary Vaynerchuck and Seth Godin have appeared in previous shows.

9. Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn is the original king of ‘making money online’ niche. His blog goes over and beyond i bringing actionable advice to aspiring entrepreneurs and so does his podcast. If there is only one podcast that you can take out time for, then this one is it!

Do you run a podcast or have a favorite one? Write in the comments and we will add it to the list.

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