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Video Marketing Mistakes 2019

Video Marketing Mistakes You Might’ve Been Making in 2019

As the generation has been developing more towards technological advancements, and glocalization, various products have started experiencing a leeway towards having the allowance of marketing and producing their commodities. Earlier the processes for creating, marketing, advertising, publicizing and selling the products altogether required plenty of permissions, certificates and legal processes. However, following the 1960s when the bar of restrictions was lifted in India and liberalization of international trades was given a free flow, the competition in the market increased day by day. Due to this, the strategic planning started having more need for a better base and unique ideas, since the marketers from India were new and had to learn how to match up to other experienced international companies who already knew how to market themselves globally. It was not long enough until the marketing strategies, techniques and tactics started taking a more fancy turn by promoting their products through mass media, which at that time was only limited to traditional media like newspapers, magazines, radios and now- televisions too. Hence, in 2019 advertisements have a mass appeal when it comes to audiovisuals, to a point where it has become the major source of advertising things and marketing products.

Each consumer wants to see something unique and each seller wants to produce something appealing. But of course, not every product sells well, despite adhering to the modern media marketing techniques. Hence, here are a bunch of points or opinions that suggest and mark the mistakes one makes when it comes to video marketing in the year 2019:

Lack of uniqueness: In order for their product to gain popularity, most advertisement makers tend to grab concepts that have already done well on media platforms. Taking ideas from an already used concept not only brings in monotonous content but also steals the appeal and interest of the consumer away making them think that it is just another common product like the one that has already gained its fame. Apart from that copyrights and plagiarism turn into being major issues if the content is noticeably similar. Not only that, the brand value of the product decreases and leads to it not standing out in the market. The name of the product and its quality would be degraded or compared. Plus people’s notions of entertainment always keep changing. Hence, this is why one should always make sure that the video stands out of the rest.

Quality: The quality of the content provided is one of the main aspects one should look into. If the quality of the video created is not up to the mark, it would not hold a grip for a large number of people and lose its views easily. Quality should not only be maintained in the photography and cinematography of the video, but audio effects, volume, acting, dialogues, content should also be up to the mark. If all these aspects are not covered and even one of them if not looked into, the video might turn out to be a disaster and be disliked by most people, eventually leading to poor marketing.

Bad Quality Videos might become viral, but for all the wrong reasons.

Public Relations: Public relations is the backbone of marketing. If one cannot connect to the viewers and the consumers cannot relate to what is being portrayed in the video, the probability of the product doing well decreases. Hence, when it comes to marketing through videos, there are three incredibly important aspects one should consider keeping in mind for public relations.

Logical appeal: Also termed as logos, logical appeal affects and appeals to the mindset of the customer that looks into more of practical aspects. Some of them are credibility, authenticity, trust, quality and the affordability that is being provided. This is what usually and majorly applies in marketing because the content and price offered are being looked into.

Emotional appeal: This aspect is mostly used in audiovisual marketing, in other words, advertisements because it interrelates easily. However, emotional appeal revolves around targeting the emotions of the customers to market the product. Such advertisements include mutual fund ads where the safety of the family is targeted, babies and their relations with mothers.

Ethical appeal: This is the last appeal that comes under public relations. It comes under following the values, rules, and regulations in an orderly manner. However, this also states that the justification here is subjective. This means what might be correct for the seller might not be acceptable for the buyer. It is suggested that this appeal should not be taken under consideration unless it is the former part that promises to stick the values, rules, and regulations that are guaranteed to a customer in an orderly manner.

There are two other aspects that are not considered to come over the platform of appeals for public relations but are considered as important techniques to attract the customer into buying the product.

Empathy: Empathy relates to standing in the customer’s shoes and understanding what their requirements are to make products or designs based on their needs and wants. It is known as the ‘you’ attitude, which means understanding the language of the consumer and providing them with what is important to them. The content provided should be something the customer can relate to their personal lives.

Tactics and strategies: Tactics and strategies are methods that are put forth by the seller that attract the consumer into trying the offer at least once, and good services can make them come again. Strategies and tactics to woo the consumer should always be out of the box and loyalty discount is a must. The ideas should be unique and to put up with the luring in of customers, several offers can be shown.

Several times these ideas and appeals are seen lacking when it comes to video marketing and that becomes one of the biggest mistakes considering the fact that this generation gets attracted only through the ‘you’ attitude.

Under or over marketing: Products should always be marketing at balancing units, over marketing creates a hype in the customer where he buys a product which he might expect the product to be better than it actually is, eventually disappointing them, and under marketing leads to lack of awareness and hence the consumers might not know about the product at all.

A shift in the slides: One of the major mistakes is the number of seconds the focus remains on one frame of the video. The human concentration capacity does not last for more than 3 seconds. Hence if the slide is not changed within that span of time, the consumer might lose interest.

Hence, this was a list of the mistakes one tends to make when it comes to video marketing.

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