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Web design tricks to ensure exponential business growth

Web Design Tricks To Ensure Exponential Business Growth

It is really a tough business to grow a business, irrespective of its type and nature of product handled. You will need to get your hand in every available pot and wear all possible hats, all in the same day. There is:

•          The marketing strategies to formulate

•          The challenges in business and in the market to worry about and take care of

•          The process to follow for creating the best products to deliver

•          Consider the cost aspect and

•          Also, plan for your business growth.

With so many recipes to cook up at a time, it is easy to overlook or even ignore small things such as a better and more impactful digital presence! Well, this is a dangerous thing to do given that fact that most of the businesses now thrive on online marketing to tap the larger audience beyond the local geo limit and demographics. This will, in fact, will be a grave mistake that will make your business fall too quickly by the way site.

It decides whether people will like your website or not. Thus, web design plays a key role in boosting your business to the next level.

A good level of web design gives a positive perception of your brand and company to the consumers. It makes the customers come again for your service, thus it is clear that web designing place a huge role in determining the success of your company.

Provide trust and better user experience 

If you want to grow your business exponentially you will need to ensure that your business website provides an improved and better user experience.

•          This will make your site more reliable to and relatable by the users.

•          This will ensure an increase in the conversion rate of your website.

According to a recent study conducted by The Harvard Business Review to find what exactly is the reason that the users make a buying decision after visiting a particular website it was found that it was the trustworthiness that the site creates with its elements in the content and the product information provided. The study report concluded that it is only when a site creates resounding trustworthiness that the consumers feel:

•          Safe

•          Comfortable and

•          At ease to visit a website.

It finally makes it easier for them to make a purchase from any online destination.

Therefore, the trustworthiness of your site will help you to stand a much greater chance of encouraging your users to complete a purchase. It will also help you to convince them to become your long-time users.

Need for a strong website

If you want to create such a high level of trustworthiness through your website then with or without the help of an NYC website design company will need to build a strong website design. It is paramount for any business of today to present an online store that is:

•          Straightforward

•          Easy to navigate

•          Provides a more positive experience

•          Contain lots of info about the brand and the product all throughout the website.

It is only a better web design that will ensure that the users do not leave the site after visiting it quickly without making a purchase.

The answer mostly rooted for is the website that provides the user with an improved experience. The growth of any online business is a herculean task – with growth plans, marketing strategies, and product creation. All these tasks need attention; however, an online presence is highly efficient for the exponential development of business.

When customers feel secure and at ease, while visiting your website, they are more likely to complete a purchase and more likely to make repeat visits. What this boils down to is having a strong and compelling website design hosted on a secure server. In order to create the spirit of trustworthiness, the website also has to be easy to navigate and very straightforward. Apart from the trustworthiness of the site, the brands also need to make sure that these following things are included and reflected through the web design:

•          The company transparency

•          A solid product review and

•          A few great testimonials.

This will make it much simpler for you or your brand to ingrain trust and familiarity with your potential customers. A distinct and well-designed web site will surely make your brand more trustworthy and stand out from the crowd, and more ‘responsive.’

Video landing page

There are a few tried and tested web design elements to include that will not only make your site look more reliable but will also add to its potential to transform the visitors of your website into your loyal customers.

The best way to create an engaging and more productive digital experience is to incorporate a video landing page. This common and productive design and UX trends will help you to grow your business fast.

It is obvious that rather than reading big texts people prefer rather love to watch videos. Then how about making an auto-play video on the starting webpage. It is seen that people spend most of their time seeing videos. So, it is a good idea that when a person opens your website automatically a video starts playing that gives the basic idea of your website and promotes your brand in an innovative and highly acceptable way. It is not only easier for users, but also is attractive.

Incorporating a video into your website design may seem to be a no-brainer. Ideally, it is found through different studies that more than 78% of the internet users usually watch a video of a product sold online to make a buying decision, every week.

•          However, adding a video in your design is not as simple as including any old or new YouTube video.

•          You will need to create a video landing page that the users are attracted to it. This will help you to take your website and its design both to the next level.

This is a process that you can accomplish following different steps such as:

•          Targeting your video to your specific users

•          Add a direct call to action on your particular web page

•          Create an immersive video on your homepage that will autoplay.

All or any of these approaches will help you to provide all the necessary information about the product, its usage, and benefits. This, in turn, will help you to drive the identity of your brand home.

If you are still not sold, a few statistical figures will help you a lot. If you follow the State of Video Marketing 2017 study conducted by Vidyard and Demand Metric you will see that:

•          69% of B2B and B2C website traffic increases if the page has a video incorporated in it

•          70% of cases are converted better and far more easily as compared to any other form of content and information.

In fact, it will improve user impression and user experience through your web design. It will create better brand awareness on the whole.

Animated calls to action

It is important that the visitors know exactly what to do when they view a video or want to watch a video. Improper calls to action can be evil to any website design.

Therefore, simply telling the users what to do is not just enough nowadays. You will need to consider the stimuli and instructions as you may find in other websites. You will need to consider your goals so that you provide that little extra that will help your site to stand out.

The only helper that can make you free from this trouble is little animations that make them understand what will happen if they take action. For example the micro-interaction of Facebook like button. This animated direction not only makes it easier for you but also helps the users, and in addition, it also increases the appearance or attractiveness of your site.

Adda little animation to the action items, micro-mini interactions, and a simple effect so that the calls to action catch the eyes of the users. This will provide confirmation of completion.

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