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WhatsApp to have Ads from 2020 – The founder gives his comment

There are forums, and then there is Hacker News. In the recent news coverage that WhatsApp will start showing ads to consumers in the ‘Status’ feature from 2020 – none other than Brian Acton himself jumped into the comments to give his insight.

He said that there was another pricing model suggested in 2016 – the $.99 per year which Mark Zuckerberg was in favor was. But at that times, Brian had felt that this would hamper the WhatsApp growth potential.

Now, with this Ads feature in concept, Brian almost rued the fact that all for-profit enterprises will eventually have to succumb to Ads serving – whether that serves the audience or not.

These days Brian Acton works solely for non-profit enterprises.

WhatsApp had been acquired by Facebook in 2016 under a massive 16 Billion Dollar deal.

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