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Why I choose to work at a Start-up right after MBA

There are different dreams one looks out for while they are in the final years of their degree, I was even among them who had thought to have a good salary package after my MBA and settle abroad having all the comforts of life. This was the general trend that was going in my MBA College i.e. there used to be campus placement of several companies where the students participated and used to agree most of the terms (even unwillingly) in order to get that job and since I was from a middle class family, I was not having any more options to choose from.

Mistake that Changed the Decision

But, during my final semester something happened that made to alter my firm decision of joining a MNC company. During my semester break, I thought of doing intern at some good company and was even selected for one. I was very much excited on my first day as I wanted to explore the corporate world, the thought of implementing my bookish knowledge into practical life. But as the days went on I started to realize that it was not meant for me.

This was a path changing experience for me as I wanted to do something in which there is an implementation of my management skills as well as a better impact. Therefore, I left my internship in between and completed my degree. There was a friend of mine in the college who joined a startup and even insisted me for the same. But for me it was a risky decision as I was having a family to take care of as well as shapes my career in the best possible direction. I was left undecided for 2-3 months about my final decision, but one day I happened to be a part of entrepreneur program in Bangalore and that day only I thought that if there is life in corporate world it’s in start-up. It’s the place where I can really utilize my innovative ideas and skills.

Journey Begins at Startup

This soon landed me into a started company and I was hired as Online marketing manager. That the things were not going to be easy was the only thing I was having a clear idea about. We were a team of 6 and all responsibilities to drive the company were on us. The day I joined was the only somewhat relaxing day for me. When I entered it did not gave me feeling of corporate office. Everyone was having their own laptop and were free to sit anywhere in the small office according to their comfort. This was what I wanted as one becomes more productive when they are allowed to be comfortable at wherever they sit. Since I had my laptop therefore I occupied a corner space and started working.

Within few days only I came to realize that there are lot of responsibilities on me which I have to handle perfectly as well as smoothly. Working for near about 16 hours had become common for me. But, the best part was it did not look like burden as we used to enjoy a lot, helping each other and sharing ideas that can help us move further. There were long discussions even on a small issue, but that resulted into a wonderful solution. I finally started implementing my degree into ideas that would drive the organization forward to achieve great height.

Accepting Challenges and Moving Ahead

There was lots of pressure as we were competing with the already developed and established companies in the market. But, we took this in a positive way and went on implementing our strategies for the betterment of the organization. Several times we failed to implement, but it gave us an experience and that’s what working in a startup teaches us. There’s no life when one works in a startup, but the only thing we knew is someone has to sacrifice the comfort of their life in order to innovate something new and it takes time for customers to understand the importance of certain products or technology and use it to make their life more comfortable.

Now, I have been working for past 2 years with CloudBooks and have seen the company growing from 6 employees to 38 full time employees. This gives me a lot of relief when I see back and think about my decision of joining and contributing to the startup company. As a startup company I was able to utilize my strengths to best and get the possible solution. One has the freedom of enjoying life, but the work should not be affected. If I would have been in any other company, I would have just been satisfied by salary but the adventure, learning experience, management and marketing tactics would not have been my cup of tea.

[The article was written and contributed by Monesh Shrivastava of CloudBooks]

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