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YouTube SEO: How to Rank Your Videos #1 In Youtube.

Everyone loves YouTube! With millions of visitors everyday, almost 5 Billion videos are watched daily. What audiences love about YouTube is that it gives huge opportunities for people to engage and entertain. There is so much relevant material available to study and gain knowledge from. Where else would you find such a thing for free of cost!

For startups and other businesses, it makes sense to be visible on YouTube. In this article, our team of YouTube experts will share tips and tricks to rank your videos faster on YouTube. We will look at Keyword Research, Description, Tag and All other techniques that are needed to perfectly use this great source of traffic. i.e. YouTube SEO. 

What works for youtube SEO

What works for YouTube SEO in 2019.

#1. Keyword Research On YouTube Is Critical.

So what are the viewers searching for on YouTube? You must know the answer before creating videos. Potential keywords list is essential for planning. You need to know the words people use to search for similar and related content. 

The simplest method is YouTube’s Search Suggest. All have to do is go to YouTube and search enter a word (or two) and let YouTube suggest you popular topics and can also act as your potential keywords. In the below screenshots we are using the Free extension Keywords Everywhere that can be downloaded from here (link). It helps you to immediately know the search volume per month.

Youtube Keyword Research through Keyword Everywhere Tool.

YouTube’s keyword research is a bit different from Google’s. However, you’ll soon get used to it. These keywords show all the trending topics that will be variations of the words that you entered. As always, you need to pick something with a good enough search volume.

How to find out your competitor’s keywords and tags on YouTube?

Not rocket science, you just have to analyze very carefully what all keywords have they used in their title, description, and video tags. 

Doing keyword research and competitor research for Youtube video Ranking.

Normally, YouTube doesn’t show the Video Tags. But since you need to see them, you can install a YouTube extension on Google Chrome called “Tube Buddy For Youtube”. This extension works like magic. It shows you the video analytics and what tags they are using.

competitor’s keywords and tags on YouTube with Tube Buddy

Another way of finding these keywords is by going to your competitor’s video page. You have to inspect the page code using Chrome Developer Tools. Below the video maybe anywhere close to the title, just right-click and go to Page Source. Then search for “keywords” (Press Ctrl + f for search).

Finding Youtube keywords through website
using Chrome Developer Tools for youtube keyword Research.

For your own channel, there are a number of ways for you to access the search terms (keywords), that your audience is using to find your videos. Go into your Channel Analytics – “Traffic Source – YouTube Search Report”.

Youtube channel analytics for keywords.

These terms will be familiar to you. But the next step is to enter them in YouTube search and see the suggested items. These new keywords will help you to know what else people are searching and then you can optimize your video around it. 

Suggest Keywords in youtube search.

People these days not only talk in “Hinglish”, they even use this language to search for content on the internet. Note down these as well (For India Only).

#2 Choosing The Best Keywords to Rank.

Now that you have an entire list of keywords, you need to shortlist and use the best ones that might be the most useful for your business. 

It makes sense to focus on medium volume & low competition keywords, especially when you’ve just started and your business is still in its growing stage. 

Choosing The Best YouTube keyword for SEO.

The exact search count for a particular keyword can be seen on the top right corner (About 50,900 in this case).

Only when you have a substantial number of subscribers on your channel should you start using the more popular keywords (high volume – high competition). 

One part of YouTube SEO that many people ignore is that even Google Search will lead to more views if you start ranking. If your video is instructional, there are even higher chances that Google will start showing it as one of the top search results, leading to exponential higher views. 


How to rank your YouTube video on Google Search.

If you carefully observe the pattern, You’ll notice that Google prefers videos with keywords like “ How to” – How to bake a cake, “Reviews” – Reviews of best brown lipsticks, “Tutorials” –  Best makeup tutorials, and “Funny video” – Funny baby and puppy compilation video.

In short, you will have to optimize your video around both Youtube keywords as well as the Google keywords. 

Google Search Showing Youtube Videos.

You could just enter one or two YouTube keywords on Google and check if the Google search has any YouTube videos being displayed. As always, for general keyword ideas even Google Keyword Planner can give you some interesting insights.

Once you’ve found your keyword, also make sure that it has a search volume of around 500 to 1000 searches monthly, less than this would be too less to make a difference. 500 searches per month also shouldn’t be taken as the yardstick, cause if you can get the video to appear on google searches, you can expect thousands of weekly visits on the video. 

This would mean rapid growth in the number of clicks and visits to your video and your page too, simultaneously.

#3 High-Quality Video In order To Retain The Audience.

Even the best techniques won’t help you if your video sucks! You have to make high quality and engaging videos to focus on “Audience Retention”. 

Your aim and goal should be to make your audience watch the maximum percentage of your video. They should not drop out within the first 10-15 seconds of the video, else YouTube will mark it as being non-optimal and start dropping it’s rank from the search results. For this, you need high-quality content which provides value to your audience, a reason to stay on that page and watch the rest of your video. 

Audience retention plays a significant role as all the videos on YouTube that consistently have a higher percentage of audience retention are more likely to be ranked higher on YouTube searches and as suggested videos for relevant searches. 

High Quality videos on youtube search.

This is because Google wants people to watch the whole video so that the audience can see the ads on YouTube and maybe even click on the one that they find interesting. This will help YouTube make good money from all the ads it’ successfully displayed and more money when someone clicks on that ad.


How do you make High Retention Videos? Is there a complicated rocket science behind high retention?

If you think a high retention video is going to require you to be filmed at exotic locations, wearing expensive clothes, you are under a BIG misconception!

Although, all these are definitely plus points but they are not essential. 

Your audience wants quality from your end. And they will only continue watching your videos if you succeed at delivering them interesting, relatable and valuable content. The knowledge that can be utilized in their work/ personal lives. 

So, unless your video delivers quality, it’s unlikely to rank well, no matter how “YouTube Optimized” it is. 

YouTube unfortunately lacks the linking building privilege like other channels which is why videos have to rely significantly and solely on the audience retention. 

#4 YouTube Video Optimization.

Now, as you have created your YouTube video, we can  optimize it.

The keywords that you’ve created your video around, need to be used in the video as well, because YouTube is now listening. While nobody knows exactly how sophisticated YouTube’s algorithm is in recognizing voices in the video, it is fairly well known that this technology is being used to rank videos. This also means that your main speaker in the video should speak clearly with a natural accent and minimum background noise. Further, you should always aim to add subtitles (transcripts) to your videos.

YouTube Video Title.

Your video title should be around 5-10 words long. That way you can come up with an interesting title without any keyword stuffing. 

Youtube Video Title optimization.

This title has 14 words out which Chocolate Truffle Cake, Eggless Chocolate Dessert, and Beat batter Bake With Upasana are the keywords. 

The keywords need to be put right at the beginning of the title. 

Using keywords at the beginning of the video.

Also try and incorporate numbers, brackets and also the year, if possible. All these small details help to rank the video higher for your keywords. 

The Video Description.

The beginning of the description also needs to be written with the same keywords as you have in your title. This is done so YouTube is well aware of the video being relevant and created around the keywords.

  • Your keywords should be mentioned in the first 25 – 30 words. 
  • These keywords need to be mentioned 2 or 3 times in the description and,
  • The description needs to be 250 to 300 words longs at least.
Youtube Video Description.

Insert Tags In Your Video.

Tags are crucial. They are significant when it comes to increasing the rank of your videos for your targeted keywords. 

And since you and your competitors are in the same business, you ought to be ranking for the same keywords and Guess what!? You do have access to the keywords they create videos around. (Has been elaborated above)

You’ve now created videos around your targeted keywords and also optimized them.

#5 YouTube Engagements

Just like our social media platforms allow the visitors and audience to like and leave comments on the video, YouTube also gives us that opportunity.

YouTube reads the number of likes and comments by the audience as a positive gesture, that the visitor has engaged with the content and enjoyed it.

Make your video content so engaging that your visitor would want to “Subscribe to your channel” because he’s love to watch more of your videos. 

Youtube video Engagement Graph

In short, the watch time, the number of likes, comments and subscribers on your video define the quality of your videos. So, it’ll be a good idea to request your audience to like, share and subscribe to your video, before it finishes. 

Number of Video Shares.

There is always a good reason for sharing a particular video. Most of the times, it’s a positive reason. YouTube considers this a positive action by the audience and considers the video to be of high quality and boosts its rank accordingly. 

Youtube Video Share link on Youtube.

The Click-Through-Rate.

YouTube keeps a close eye on audience behavior. If the visitors have entered one of your keywords and still don’t click on your video, YouTube views this phenomenon negatively which has a significant impact on the video rank that drops.

This can be countered by designing attractive Thumbnails

Thumbnail For Youtube video.

These thumbnails attract your visitors and increase their chances of clicking on, and viewing your content. 

Once clicked, it depends entirely on your video content to keep visitors engaged, entertained and thus retained on your page and the website. 

Subsequently, studies show that on Youtube, longer videos rank better. Long videos tend to outperform the shorter ones. But you do not have to burn your blood over this. It’s the quality and the retention of your videos that matters the most. So if even if your video is 10 mins long and but the audience is enjoying your content. There you go! YouTube will definitely increase its ranking courtesy the audience retention.

What’s next?

Youtube Video Promotion.

You now are required to promote your video on other websites. Having your video optimized and created around targeted keywords, the thumbnails making the video attractive enough for the increase in the click-through rate, and the tags the title and the description have taken care of all YouTube’s requirements of YouTube SEO.

But it still needs to be promoted outside YouTube. 

Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms can prove to be quite helpful. 

Facebook seems to have a lot of engagement when it comes to videos. 

You’ll need to have to incorporate the concept of link building in order to have your video seen by the population.

Question & Answer websites like Quora can also help. These sites are supposed to be quite helpful when it comes to High-Quality along with High-Quantity views.

You can also consider embedding your videos in your blogs, in case you write blogs or you could also ask a friend or someone you know who rights blogs to add a video or two that are relevant to their blog. 

That way the visitors reading those blogs will automatically be watching your videos too. These views will also be of high quality as these people were reading a blog on a similar topic.

Sharing Youtube Videos on other websites.

Playlists Too Can Be Considered.

Playlists are said to increase the views per video. This can be possible as being a part of the playlist, the video tends to play automatically without the visitor manually clicking on them.

Playlist of Youtube videos.

Once the video is played, it depends entirely on your video content to retain and engage the audience. 

Notice What Your Audience Is Looking For.

Given a number of videos, there will be a certain number of videos that’ll be viewed more than the rest.

Find out what is making these videos different from the rest and have something common among them. Work on it. There is going to be something your audience is looking for more on a particular topic than the other that you have created. Recognize them. 

You can even make a separate playlist of these popular videos that may be created around one common topic. 

Make sure you have at least 3 playlists on your channel. 



Optimize Your Youtube Channel.

Optimize your channel as a pretty and professional-looking channel will always going to rank better. 

You will notice a sudden increase in the number of views on your videos as soon as you make your channel look attractive. This could be done by adding a nice description about your channel which should include all the keywords you want to rank for on YouTube. Keyword stuffing will make it look spammy so avoid it, but use your targeted keywords here and there. 

A study has shown that consumers form their first impression within 1/10th of a second, and most of that is visual. A good thumbnail can double your Click Rates. After all, it is the first thing that viewers see. If the images interests them, only then will they read the description. 

You can also add an attractive cover photo as well as a profile photo.

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